Certified Welding Machine Repair

Certified Repair and Warranty work for your welding machines

John Carr is our factory trained and factory authorized welding repair specialist, and he is on hand and at your service. John is one of few factory trained and certified welding machine techs in Florida. Remember John is factory certified for warranty work – you could void your warranty by having someone work on your welding machine that is NOT factory certified. John has years of experience in welding and machine repair and knows your machine well.

ESSI Welding Supply does certified welding machine repair and warranty work on HyperTherm, Miller, and Lincoln welding machines. If your welding machine needs a major repair, overhaul or just a minor tune up, bring it in to us. We have in stock most of the parts for HyperTherm, Miller, and Lincoln welding machines and the factory connections to get almost anything else overnight.

John and ESSI Welding Supply are great resources for information on welding machines, new welding techniques and safety tips for your welding needs in the whole of the Tampa Bay area. John is also available for equipment consultation for all our clients. ESSI handles all the top manufacturers, HyperTherm, Miller, and Lincoln, plus we have access to used and new equipment in a very wide area. This enables us to supply you with information and the solutions to your welding problems.

Jonathon Carr

Call or email John directly or the ESSI office to learn all the details on what we do to help you and your business every day.