Lenco Electrode Holders

LencoThe choice of an electrode holders that will be lightweight, run cool, and at the least cost can be determined first by the maximum rod used and second, by the maximum amperage setting used. Lenco holder numbers indicate the amperage capacity.


TwecoMIG Welding supplies and consumables.


WeldcoteThe Weldcote line consists of a wide range of production alloys and welding accessories: Production Alloys for MIG, TIG, and Brazing. Also Wire and Electrodes.

Lincoln Electrodes

For mild and low alloy steel welding applications. Features cellulosic, rutile and low hydrogen coating types designed to provide maximum weldability for a wide range of applications.


InweldElectrodes and Wire Welding, Brazing, & Soldering Alloys from Inweld.

Miller Electric

MillerMiller Electric is a world leader in the manufacturing of Welding Cutting Tips, MIG welders, TIG welders, Stick Welders, wire feeders, welding guns, Plasma cutting and accessories.


WeldtecTIG Torches, Power cables.


CK WorldwideGas lenses, TIG welding cups, TIG Collets. Gas Lenses. For nearly 50 years CK Worldwide has produced the highest quality TIG torches and accessories in the industry.