ESSI’s Customer Service Representative Chris Homer

ESSI’s customer service representative is Chris Homer. Chris Homer has over 20 years in the welding business and his knowledge is available to all at no charge. Chris can come to your place of business survey your inventory, supplies and safety equipment all at no charge. We can also do weekly inventory checks for larger clients. Chris can inventory and check in the morning and schedule delivery that afternoon for all customers in the Tampa Bay area.

We all do welding, and you must have the supplies and correct materials to do your job. If you do not have the proper materials on hand and at the job, then quite simply the job will not get done. ESSI and Chris can help in this task by helping you and your company always have the proper materials on hand and ready to go. Nothing is more cost escalating that have to send a whole crew to do a job and then NOT have all the materials needed to do the job. All the profit on that job is down now the drain!

Chris and ESSI are great resources for information on new supplies, new techniques and safety for your welding needs in the Tampa Bay area. Chris is also available for equipment consolation for all clients. ESSI handles all the top manufacturers, HyperTherm, Miller, and Lincoln, plus we have access to used and new equipment in a very wide area. This enables us to supply you with information and the solutions to your welding problems.


Call or email Chris or ESSI to learn all the details on what we do every day to help you and your business.