Safety Programs

ESSI Welding Supply Safety Programs

ESSI Welding Supply is well known for its safety programs. ESSI Welding Supply really cares about safety in the work place. Welding safety is not only having a safe good working environment and safe machines and materials, is it also constant training with people that makes a safe working environment for you and your company. Welding, cutting, and brazing are hazardous activities that pose a unique combination of both safety and health risks. We have in stock safety uniforms, pants, shirts, coveralls, vests, flame-resistant clothing and more to help in insuring a safe work place. ESSI Welding Supply has access to OSHA safety training videos, DVDs, posters, booklets & training kits. We have radiation safety glasses, and we have information on proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and ventilation by welding job type and location, common welding hazards and more. We have guides to welding safety, cutting and required PPE (personal protective equipment) all on hand. ESSI Welding Supply has free brochures and information on welding safety concerns for your business, please ask us. Keeping the arc welding operator in mind, at ESSI you will find both mandatory safety practices and those based on years of shop experience. Gas Cylinder Racks, Stands, Holders & Storage a is major safety concern and we offer help in this area too. ESSI has great experience in this field as well!

ESSI Welding Supply has allied itself with the top names in the welding industry such as Lincoln, Miller Electric, Hyper Therm, Magnegas and many other to offer you, our clients and customers, continuing safety education and safety techniques for your business to make it run safety and more profitable.

Please contact our office or Chris Homer for the next safety program we have scheduled or contact us on a program you would like to see for your company or staff.


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