Tools & Hardware

Dewalt tools

For any of the tough jobs you do every day, grinding, drilling to sawing, Dewalt has what you need. Circular Saws, Mag Drill Bits, and other products. We are an authorized drop off facility for DeWalt power tools. If your DeWalt tool breaks or needs repair drop it off or give it to our drivers with our return ticket.

Jet Line

Circular Saws, Mag Drill Bits, and other products

Hougen Tools

Whether you are making holes onsite, for metal fabrication or factory applications, Hougen® Annular Cutters, Portable Magnetic Drills, Electro-hydraulic Hole Punchers and Accessories can help you be more productive and more profitable by getting the job done faster and with greater accuracy.

Irwin Tools

Vice-Grips, C-Clamps, Welding specialty tools.

Baileigh Tools

Saws, CNC machines and supplies.

Doringer Cold Saws

With over 30 years experience in cold saws, Doringer is a full service manufacturing company, handling everything from design through fabrication, machining, assembly, and final quality control at our facilities in California.